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How to Attend a Zoom Call Like a Gentleman


“Good manners will open the doors that best education cannot: Clarence Thomas

Remote working is the new normal. After the deadly spread of COVID19 and worldwide lockdowns, most of us are either working from home entirely or visiting the office rarely. This pandemic has left us no option but to adapt to the scenario and stay productive. No matter the circumstance, we have to transform ourselves to remain relevant. As we are remotely associated with each other, we need to brush up on our virtual meeting etiquette. No matter how surprising it may sound, there are specific sets of protocols we need to follow and learn to improve our online communication.

COVID or not, we live in an age of constant communication, and we can not come across as unruly or lazy on virtual meetings. Let us discuss the quintessential rules we need to remember to attend a Zoom Call like a Gentleman. We will discuss step-by-step dos and don’ts, starting from the prep to the end of the meeting.

The Prep

A prep before a crucial meeting decides the outcome of the meeting. The actual meeting starts way before time.


-Groom yourself: Work from home does not mean working like a homeless.
-Wear pants: Though they are not visible, they are mandatory.
-Check your internet connection: Make sure your WiFi is not acting up.
-Keep your device charged: Low battery during a meeting is a bummer.
-Check your audio/video: If the other person can not see or hear you, it’s not a meeting.
-Join before time: Last minutes goof-ups can be avoided.
-Keep a backup device ready: In case your primary device refuse to cooperate
-Choose a clean background: Virtual backgrounds are your best friends.


-Keep your desk littered: You only want to focus on the agenda of the meeting.
-Open too many tabs: Your system should not hang while joining the meeting.
-Put on a face mask: Wash that thing off your face.
-Start cooking: Multi-tasking is a myth.
-Drink too much water: Your bladder will thank you in case the meeting stretches.

The Meeting

Once all the participants join, it is time for you to shine.


-Greet all the participants: Good manners take you places.
-Be patient: Too much excitement is a no go; behave like an adult.
-Smile: Start the meeting on a good note.
-Be attentive: Before your make your point, hear what others have to say.
-Make notes: You can not remember everything.
-Mute when not speaking: Unwanted noise is a deal-breaker.
-Speak: Go get ’em, tiger.


-Shout: It’s a zoom call, not a trunk call.
-Eat or Drink: Unless you are about to collapse due to hunger and thirst.
-Use phone: Real or virtual; it’s rude.
-Switch off your Camera: Your presence is of utmost importance.

Ending the Meeting

If a meeting ends well, it’s a time well spent.


-Time check: If you are leading the meeting end on time.
-Clear any remaining doubts: No ambiguity means better results.
-Conclude well: Be sure to have a solid closing statement.
-Greet again: Politeness makes you remarkable.


-Rush: Five more minutes would not make you old.
-Drop the call: Relax, let the meeting end.
-Start other chores: They can wait for some time.
-Laugh at the facilitator: We know they can be funny, but do it later.
-Scratch your head: Take a shower, filthy.
-Gossip about others: Losing your job can be tough

Complete return to the office seems like a farfetched dream. Till then, mastering virtual meeting etiquette should be on top of your to-do list. Even when you are back in the office totally, remote meetings are essential for our professional lives. We hope we have covered all the significant aspects and protocols critical to fruitful virtual meetings. If you think we have missed anything, please let us know by leaving a comment.

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    Thanks for sharing the much needed information . Looking forward to more of such content.

    1. Kavesh Khanna says

      Hey, we are so glad that you liked it. It made our day. 🙂

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