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The Importance of Digital Detox


Today, when I look around myself, I see children, boys, young men and older men obsessed with their small electronic devices. It implies to me that this world and its happenings are more or less tied to a man’s interest in these technologically advanced instruments. Rarely, do I ever happen to make eye contact with a young man on the metro or while walking down the sidewalk. Such repeated sequence of events begs to ask the question, “is this what the world has come to?” Do humans no longer hold importance in each other’s eyes anymore? But, to the perception cast by these digital mediums entrapping people like a venomous spider trapping its prey in its web?

I am no less infected by this revolution. I am but a man of the modern generation. I see technology zooming and advancing every single day. Although it is a blessing to be a part of this speeding breed but would I consider it to be bliss? Never! While reaching out to my beloved is soothing and watching skilled characters play their roles and uplift my spirits through a digital screen is entertaining, but this repeated course of action is caused me to rely on tangible things, which can be taken away from me any day.

What am I going to do then?

Will I grow anxious, bitter or resent myself for relying on such obsolete material? Perhaps I may. Well, for the sake of the argument, I will suppose that technology and digitization never becomes obsolete, at least during my lifetime. But will it help make me a socially skilled man or make me socially inept?

What good it is to know everything happening around me?

How does it serve me to learn how a stranger savors life in the Bahamas? What benefit does it is to me to understand the recurring showdown between powerful politicians? How does it help me to know that an entertainer’s daughter’s name is so and so? As a maturing adult, my responsibility is to educate my being and augment my rationale for the benefit of those around me. Instead, I am absorbing this absurd intelligence that serves no good to mankind.

When I should have been consuming knowledge that propels me in the direction of enlightenment and edification, I am squandering the little precious moments I have from the depleting fountain of life. The existence of unnecessary information being at my fingertips allows me to quickly get a hit of dopamine. I do not intend to delude you, but these tiny devices in our palms are source to our vices.

When I am distressed, I know that I can quickly turn myself to this special drug and escape reality. I no longer require my group of brethren to aid me company or build fruitful relationships in person. For now I make virtual brothers from all over the world. I spend time engaging with strangers, who serve me no good. I see them living their best lives while dissipating mine. I spend more time with this stranger while robbing my beloved of their time at home.

My primary logic to engage with digital world? Entertainment! Is entertaining myself the reason why nature put me on earth? Is robbing my depleting time overshadowed by death any entertaining?

As a kid, I spent countless hours reading the same book over and over again without growing disinterested. Today, nothing seems to hold my attention. These applications engineered my attention to survive for no greater than 30 seconds, beyond which I grow agitated. At times, I catch myself swiping and scrolling on the digital screen for no logical reason. I catch myself communicating to a friend for hours through this screen, when instead I could have spent time with him by the lakeside or in a park.

You may say that I am attacking this innovation brought to mankind by intelligent men. Truly, I am not. I am thankful for all comfortable things that mankind today has access to. Sure, it does give me a sense of security to confirm that my beloved is unscathed. But, what I am trying to draw is a perspective of how these digital instruments make me a slave that is relying on them to sail through life.

Of course, it is the intelligent and bright minds that invent innovation but it is up to the wise to understand the innovation’s capacity to aid or harm oneself. Knowing the repercussions of being reliant on a tangible tool is not wise and the only way to being detached from things that control our psyche is to practice bouts of active distancing.

While distancing from such an “important” part of modern life will surely result in experiencing symptoms of withdrawal. Being the part of modern generation, we have witnessed digitization ever since we opened our eyes. Having to cope without being a part of this fad can seem alienating. Fear not friend. We humans and our brains are far beyond the comprehension of science. When put under test and stress, our marvelous mind finds ways to cope with myriad of situations. The same is the case when we dissociate from the entrapment of technology.

Going through the process of dissociation and digital detox allows to see how deeply attached we are to this curse in disguise gifted to mankind. When we understand the gravity of this toxic attachment, we can then see the importance of being true social creatures and be disinterested in the natural ways of life and making peace with it.

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