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Style Girlfriend: Top 5 Hairstyles For Men by Khushbu

Khushbu Shakyawar (owner of Floral beauty by Khushbu)
Khushbu Shakyawar (owner of Floral beauty by Khushbu)


Every woman like a man with put together Hair. A nice hairstyle decides 30% of your overall appeal. Hence it is important that you find out the correct haircut/hairstyle which would look great on you. Also, it is important to get out of comfort zone and try something new. It’s fun. As your style girlfriend, I will give you 5 amazing hairstyles that will make you simply irresistible and all the Senoritas will go “MY GAWWWD” on you.

Hot Hipster look

Hipster Hairstyles

It is the best casual looking hairstyle and especially if you have a beard! Then Whoa!! It is undercut on the sides and the back with full and volumized hair on the top. It makes you look really good and effortlessly hot.


Disconnected Undercut

Undercut Hairstyles

What makes it so different from different undercut you ask! Well..there is a noticeable difference between the sides, back and the top. The sides and back are shorter and the top has a reasonable length which makes it look disconnected. Hence the name. Not every guy can pull this off, though.

The Pompadour

haistyles pomp

It is the hottest trend which can be rocked by everyone. The good thing is it can be sported by anyone…I mean any damn one. Teenagers,Hipsters,Nerds,Businessmen. A typical pompadour is usually short sides, with the hair swept upwards and backwards, however as time has passed the look has become more and more versatile and there are a variety of different ways to style a pompadour to make it suit your face shape, lifestyle and career.

Short Classy Hair

Short hairstyles

Enough said! *Takes deep breath*

Extremely short


For the one’s who can rock extreme short hair. It is incredibly easy to manage this haircut and looks cute too. You can also experiment with side cuts to give it an edgy look. Rawwr!!

So, these are my favorite hairstyles, if you like them please do let me know in the comments and please show some love on my blog

Tada!! lots of luv!!


Disclaimer: Men n’ more does not own copyright for the above images, these are used for illustration purpose only. 

  1. Raj Kamal Bagri says

    I checked with some salons if i can have a look similar to the 1 that u called ‘Hot Hipster’ but due to my ‘hair-type’ being little curly’ I got ‘No’ as the ans. until i straighten them up! So not every1 can have every style easily due to their different #hair types.I can try from last 2 though.
    Anyways, #Thanks for the lovely info. & Being the only gf ever… ‘#Stylegirlfriend’! #interesting name! ???

  2. Monika says

    Nice one khushbu, liked it! 🙂

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