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I hope you are doing well.  So, last week I went to a conference and was all suited up. I saw some other well-dressed dudes; they were looking good in their amazing attires. But then I saw a dapper guy. Do you know what made him stand out of the crowd??

He accessorized like a boss.

In order to be the best-dressed guy in the room, you need to accessorize well. Small details like pocket squares, lapel pins, awesome ties and bows can take your style from a 10 to a 1000. If you think men don’t wear accessories, I must tell you that you are wrong. Women go gaga about a man who can team up amazing accessories and take a simple looking outfit and make it a piece of art.

But now the questions arise, where to get amazing accessories from?

Don’t worry alpha, we’ve got you covered, my folks at have some kickass fashion forward accessories at unbelievable prices. However, it is a women oriented brand but they have specially handpicked some classy and elegant accessories for men.

Back to Pocket Square one

Well, a well-fitted suit jacket or a sports coat can make any man look dapper but you know what makes you a savage? A sexy pocket square. have a collection of cool and vibrant pocket square that will make your boring suit jacket, hum a style harmony and with a name like Marlon Brando you can’t go wrong.


The Dazzling Cuff-tales

You can make any shirt look like a million bucks simply by adding a great pair of cufflinks to it. Sweat no more and find beautiful cufflinks at that will make you the man of the evening.


Pin it like a boss

Lapel pins and tie pins may look old school but they are back in style and every well-dressed celebrity can be found rocking them. They will give your outfit a sense of individualism and class. Get suave lapel and tie pins on and rock it like you mean it.


Bow down to suave Ties

Now who doesn’t like stylish bows and ties? I haven’t seen any man hating ties, a superb tie or a bow is a conversation starter. Women love a man who pays attention to the tie know and the tie style. Buy sexy bows and ties from


I am in love with the collection at; they understand the needs of a modern man very well. Not only that, the wide range of accessories for women they have can save you a lot of trouble finding the right gift for your lady love

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