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Hairstyling Revolution: Helium for men


Gentlemen !
I hope you are doing super well and busy being awesome!

What? You are having a bad hair day? I know it can be frustrating as hell. Especially, when you have a date or an important meeting and your hair simply refuse to cooperate. We men have a very less option in terms of hair products and styling aid. If we talk about Indian men, we are the most underprivileged lot of men across the globe. We have either super expensive hair products that drain all our hard earned cash or we have those cheap chemical heavy gels and useless creams.
No more sulking!!
Few months back when I was surfing through my Facebook wall, I came across an ad and it said, “Helium for men.” And, it had a range of hair products. For an instance I thought here comes another useless and money wasting deal. So, I went to the website and woah!! They have a super sexy ass website. I mean it was elegant, straight forward and all about hair products.
I went all gaga about it and just starting looking at their range and prices, they have amazing pomade, hair cream, wax and clay. Not, just the range the price is also quite decent. As I explored the website more, I got to know that they also send you samples of all the products in super awesome deal breaking price.

So, without any further ado, I ordered the sample pack and was impatiently waiting for the sweet box of awesomeness. To my surprise, these guys have an amazing delivery speed; I got the order within 2 days. I have been using their products for 2 months now and here is a detailed honest review of products:

Freshman | Light hold low shine

Freshman | Low hold low shine

As the name suggests this is a hair cream which is a fresher in terms of hair styling products. This product has a consistency of regular hair cream and it promises light hold and low shine for frizz free hair all day long. Honestly this product is good only if you are looking for something light in your hair. My rating to this product is 2/5 but the fragrance is really masculine and long lasting.

Iceman | Medium hold incredible shine

Iceman | Medium hold high shine
Iceman | Medium hold high shine

A lot of you may know what pomade is, well if you don’t have an idea do use this product. It gives you a long lasting hold with an amazing natural looking shine. So if you are sporting a quiffed undercut this is a must have for you. My rating 3/5 it stays all day and your keeps you hair shining all day long. Oh yeah!

Cardinal | Medium hold matte finish

Cardinal | Medium hold matte finish
Cardinal | Medium hold matte finish

This particular product has a fragrance to die for. I was amazed the moment I opened it and had a sniff. It is my go to product when I am looking for a matte finish carefree kinda look with my hair. It stays all day is non oily and gives you a good hold. My rating is 3.5/5 if you are tired of waxes that make your hair feel like bush, do try this one.

Zero G| Extreme hold matte finish

Zero G | Extreme hold matte finish
Zero G | Extreme hold matte finish

Oh my my! What a hair product! I am in love with it and I use it almost every day. It gives my hair an awesome hold with zero shine, which is what I was looking for from a hair product. I have short wavy hair and this thing keeps my hair on its place all day long. My rating 4/5, this hair clay kicks so many asses! (Quite literally)

All of these products are natural and water soluble so they don’t leave any residue and are gentle to your locks. So, do check out their website and try their products also check out their youtube channel for many hairstyle tutorials.
A good hair day can be a very important step towards success. So, go on try He2 and have fun!
Happy hairstyling!


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