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7 Awesome Shaving Products Under ₹500


We sometimes underestimate the influence of little things-Charles W Chestnutt

Shaving is considered one of the manliest rituals but we often overlook the importance of a well-rounded shaving arsenal. Good shaving products don’t necessarily need to cost an arm and a leg, investing in an affordable but quality product is the way to a delightful shave. In today’s time there are N number of shaving and skin care products but actually you only need a handful. It is easy to get lost in the sea of products so to spare you the horror, we have curated a list of 7 Awesome Shaving products under ₹500 from Amazon.


Safety Razor

A close shave is impossible without a good razor. The two key features that every razor must have are sharpness and durability. A plastic cartridge razor with a zillion of dull blades may look like a real deal but in reality it is just a waste of money and time. Most men use a cartridge razor because they think it is cheaper but end up wasting a lot of money for a substandard product with mediocre results. Investing in a quality safety razor can not only provide you a world class shaving experience, it can also be very affordable in the long run. Replacement blades cost pennies and their sharpness is perfect to get a close shave every time. Thanks to Amazon’s wide array of products, a quality safety razor could be found just under ₹500. Here are our few picks.



A high-quality weapon is a waste without proper ammunition. Similarly a premium razor is scrap with inferior blades. The best razor blades come from Japan and are made of stainless steel. A lot of times these blades are coated with some kind of alloy to make them even durable. Feather, Wilkinson, Topaz, Suparmax etc. are some of the brands we swear on for a buttery smooth shave. Razor blades cost way less than plastic cartridges and because they are super sharp they are gentle on your skin too. Choose per your liking, skin type and budget and you would not regret a bit. 


Shaving cream/Shaving soaps

A rich fluffy lather is vital for an amazing shave and it takes a high-quality shaving cream to achieve that kind of foam. Yes, foaming creams and gels are time savers but they are full of harmful gasses and chemicals. They can harm you by leaving you with a dry and lifeless skin. There is a plethora of shaving creams available in the market and you can choose one depending upon the type of your skin, fragrance and other factors. A more skin-friendly alternative is shaving soap, consisting of natural ingredients and essential oils. The best part about both shaving cream and soaps is that they are very affordable and you can easily find many options under ₹500.


After shave balm

Post shave care is as important as the shave itself. No matter how gentle you are with your razor, you cannot avoid harm from the blades and other products. An after shave balm is essential for a well rounded shaving routine. A good aftershave lotion/balm gives you a soothing effect and repairs some of the damage caused while shaving. Here are some of our personal favourites that are well under ₹500.


Shaving brush



Shaving creams and brushes go hand in hand. If you invest in a premium shaving brush today it will last you for ages. Choosing a high-quality shaving brush is not that difficult, all you have to do is look for a brush with soft bristles and a sturdy handle. Do not buy a brush with plastic bristles or a plastic handle, these get damaged easily and can even cause rashes on a sensitive skin. Thankfully, you do not have to go out and hunt in the wilderness to spot a top-notch shaving brush, just choose from our list and we assure you a luxurious shaving experience every time. 

Shaving mug/bowl

Unlike shaving foam bottles, you need some kind of vessel to froth a fluffy lather while using a cream or soap. You can use any old mug lying useless in your kitchen cupboard but if you are starting a wet shave journey, investing in a shaving bowl or mug is a good idea. The surface area of the mug/bowl helps to incorporate air in your shaving cream/soap and it also softens the bristles of your shaving brush. These shaving mugs/bowls come in different materials ranging from stainless steel to wood. A shaving mug is not just a functional piece it also adds some aesthetics to your washroom without spending a fortune. 



The last step in any shave journey is replenishing the essential oils of your skin. This can be taken care by a gentle but effective moisturiser. There are many men-centric brands who are coming up with amazing moisturisers that too at affordable prices. Not just that you have an option to choose a moisturiser that suits your budget and your skin type. The good news is that there are many options that cost way less than ₹500. Which means you can stock up more than one at a time. 


Wet-shaving is not just a daily chore, it is a ritual which helps you create a disciplined grooming routine. Just like any other habit or virtue, you need to cultivate a well-rounded grooming routine to set you apart from other men. We hope that you like these 7 awesome shaving products and you would definitely choose some of these products for your shaving arsenal. Please let us know your thoughts on these and do share with us your recommendations. 


Disclaimer: All the items/products shared in the article is based on our research and preference. While we get an affiliate commission, no brand has paid or sponsored us to recommend their products. 



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