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Affordable Summer Fragrance Every Man Should Own : Nike Up or Down


Hello Gentlemen! I hope you’re enjoying the summer with your updated wardrobe and shoe closet. Well, it’s time you update your fragrance too. Time to bid adieu to those amazing, mysterious, woody and dark fragrances and move towards fresh, lingering scents. Summer scents are made to beat the heat in mind. They are fresh, citrusy (sometimes fruity too) and have the elements to keep you cool. A lot of men don’t understand the importance of choosing the right fragrance according to the season. This can completely kill your image and make you look like a complete noob. Every man should understand the basic differences between summer and winter fragrances. It may sound insignificant but can make a huge difference.   

Every man should have at least 3 different perfumes in his closet. An everyday summer perfume, an everyday winter perfume (check out The perfect cologne for winters here) and one for special occasions like dates, weddings, parties and all that jazz. These can be chosen easily (trust me it isn’t rocket science), so a summer fragrance usually has fresh and citrusy and fruity elements, a winter perfume is usually woody and has elements like tobacco, leather and musk.  

One of my recent buys is Nike up or down and I am in love with this perfume. It is an EDT but lasts relatively longer than many EDTs I have used in the past. It has notes of citrus that dominates the fragrance but smell pleasant. It smells quite natural but I am sure the elements are synthetic but well balanced. Also, the mid notes are powdery but they definitely don’t smell like a barber shop.  

Fresh and inviting

Nike Up or down is one of very rare fragrances that is citrusy but still have a musky note. It is very pleasant and it has the potential to up your mood instantly. It gives you very fresh feeling and it stays with you all day long. The fragrance isn’t too sporty, so it won’t feel like the cheap deodorants.  It is perfect for your office, college or if you’re heading out with friends. I wouldn’t suggest relying on it, if you have a date or for a night out. However, if you’re looking for a soothing, pleasant and affordable fragrance for summers this is a perfect pick for you.  

Not the ultimate summer scent

The only thing this perfume lacks is the longevity. It vanishes after 2-3 hours, so don’t forget to carry it with you. It doesn’t come across as a very natural perfume, it smells a little synthetic.   



So here is the final verdict  

Manliness: 7/10 

Spiciness: 6/10 

Sex appeal: 8/10 (1 mark for trying ?) 

Longevity: 4/10 (it just vanishes)

Value for money: 8.5/10 (for somwhere around Rs 1000 it’s a steal)

So, Gentlemen if you’re on a budget this can be an addition to your perfume collection.
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  1. Vaisakh Sabu says

    Hey awesome Kavesh. Never knew this much about perfumes. Just used to wear one perfume through out the year. Will change my habits ??? Namaskaram

    1. Kavesh Khanna says

      Thank you so much brother. 🙂

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