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6 Badass Shoe Care Products under ₹500


Your shoes are only as good as the laces they’re attached to.
— Greg Sampson.

Your shoes tell your story. There is a lot people can judge from the pair of shoes you are wearing. We all have at least one pair of leather shoes in our closet, which we love and cherish. With great shoes comes great responsibility of keeping them in good shape. If your shoes are getting discolored, blemishes and cracks, you need to take good care of them and they require love and care. Leather shoes can stand a test of time but if left unattended they can start to look worn out and old. While, a patina on your shoes can give it a character, blemishes and dirt are not flattering at all. We cannot control the normal wear and tear a shoe has to bear in everyday life but we can surely reverse some damage with good shoe care products.

If you want your shoes to last really long and look amazing throughout their life span, good shoe care products are a way to go. Shoe care products come in various price points and can be really expensive. For this very reason we have curated this list of badass shoe care products under ₹500, so that you can take care of your beloved pair of shoes without going broke.

1. Drolia Premium Horse Hair Shoe Brush

The first step towards is brushing. Before you deep clean your shoes, you need to get rid of the dust and dirt. A clean surface is easier to work on and a nice shoe brush is what you need for the same. A shoe brush can last you for years, it is an inexpensive investment for your shoe cleaning arsenal. Drolia premium horse hair shoe brush is made of quality horse hair bristles, a strong wooden handle and it also has a non-falling clip, it provides excellent shine without damaging your shoes. The cost for this brush is ₹399.

2. Pro Clean Cleaning Shampoo

We do not use dish soap on our face or body. Similarly, we should not use our regular detergents and soaps to clean our expensive shoes. The leather of the shoe needs special care and attention. The stains and dirt on the shoes is sometimes really stubborn and cannot be removed with water and soap. Pro Clean Cleaning Shampoo is formulated to target these stains and it is gentle on the leather. It is an inexpensive product that effectively cleans your shoes and saves you effort and time. ₹349 for 150 ml is really the best bang for your buck.

3. Pro Creme Luxe Smooth Leather Shoe Moisturizer cream

Leather is essentially the skin of an animal and just like your own skin, it needs to be moisturized. A good leather moisturiser is hard to find and can be expensive but the Pro creme luxe smooth leather shoe moisturizer cream is affordable and really effective. It is hands down one of the best shoe moisturisers available in the Indian market. It nourishes your shoe, hydrates it and reduces the appearance of blemishes. We have used a lot of creams for our shoes and this is one we can safely recommend. The best part is the price, ₹275 for a 150 ml bottle of this moisturizer and it will last you a really long time.

4. Pro Shoe Cream Shoe Polish

The next step post moisturization is restoring the color and dye of your shoes. Most people use normal wax polish to add some color and shine to their shoes. Before that you should nourish your shoes with some kind of colored shoe cream as it helps adding some richness and luxury to your shoe. Pro Shoe Cream Shoe Polish consists of natural corona wax and bees wax which will reinstate the color of your shoes which is damaged due to normal wear and tear. You can buy a 50 ml can of this cream shoe polish for ₹200.

5. Dazlo Handmade Shoe Polish

Nothing completes a shoe care routine better than a delicious looking shine. After nourishing and moisturizing your shoes, you must finish them with a good quality wax shoe polish to lock the moisture and protect them against splashes. Dazlo handmade shoe polish is enriched with essential oils waxes and it helps you achieve the gloss that shouts dapper. Don’t forget the shiny toe that you can only get from a quality made wax shoe polish. It comes in a pack of 4 for just ₹350 and they are surely going to last you for years.

6. Pro Quick Shine Shoe Shining Sponge

It is important to put in effort and time to care care of your shoes. However, this is not possible everyday. A shoe shining sponge can be your savior when you are in a haste. Pro quick shine shoe shining sponge is one of the best shining sponges available in the market. It gives your shoe the instant shine it requires and you can get to your business quickly. For ₹225 this quick shine sponge is a steal.

You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes and a gentleman keeps his shoes well-maintained. These products are not just essential for shoe care but are also light on the pocket. We hope that you would like these products and use them regularly to keep your shoes clean and presentable. Do let us know if you enjoyed using them.

Disclaimer: All the items/products shared in the article is based on our research and preference. While we get an affiliate commission, no brand has paid or sponsored us to recommend their products.

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