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5 Holi Skincare Tips for Men


“Dipped in hues of love and trust has come the festival of Holi” 

With the transition in weather, comes the joyous festival of Holi. All of us Indians, patiently wait for this time of the year, when we can meet our loved ones, color them, and celebrate togetherness. For our non-Indian readers, Holi is a festival of colors celebrated in the month of March, with the emergence of Spring. This festival is full of colors and is celebrated as a celebration of good over evil. Holi is celebrated by putting colors on our near and dear ones. Pouring colored water and applying colors on the face is the symbol of happiness and fun. People also feast on many homemade Holi delicacies, like Gujhiya, Dahi Bhalla, Thandai, etc. The Holi colors were traditionally made from organic elements like flowers, seeds, and other botanicals. With the advancement in technology, Holi colors are now mass-produced with synthetic substances that are not very good for your skin and hair. They tend to dry your skin and damage hair and it can take you weeks to bring your skin back to its healthy self.

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Some colors are made of tough dyes which are difficult to remove, and they can stay on you for days. It does not mean you need to refrain from enjoying Holi to the fullest. With a few simple post and pre-Holi skincare tips, you can keep your skin and hair protected from harsh chemicals and drying Holi colors. These Holi skincare tips are easy to adopt, and they can be implemented before playing Holi to avoid colors sticking to your skin and a few for aftercare. 

Cover Your Head and Apply Hair Oil 

Holi colors result in dry and damaged hair. The fillers and harsh chemicals present in them can deplete natural oils in your scalp and may increase hair fall. To protect your hair from these colors, apply quality hair oil properly to your scalp and hair and cover it with headwear. Either wear a hat, a bandana or cover your head with a cloth. This will ensure less intrusion of colors in your hair and even if you get a little bit of color in your hair, the oil present there would not let it stick to your scalp. 

Shave After Holi

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If you are sporting a stubble or beard and are planning to shave it off for the Holi party, you should wait for Holi to end and then shave it. This post-Holi skincare tip is fantastic. There are two benefits of shaving post-Holi. One is that facial hair will protect your face from Holi colors from reaching deep into your pores. The second benefit of shaving after Holi is that the shaving process acts as exfoliation, which helps remove excess color and chemicals from your skin. 

Moisturize Your Body 

We often nourish our face but neglect the skin of our body. This can be especially harmful during Holi. You must moisturize your body using a good quality body lotion and protect it from the colors. Also, once you are done playing Holi, moisturization will help remove the color easily. You can even use body oil and form a protective layer to avoid adverse chemicals. 

Use a Lip Balm

Chapped lips can be painful and Holi colors are infamous for drying your lips. Use a lip balm before you head out to enjoy a colorful Holi. Moisturized and nourished lips will stay protected, and the colors will cause less damage. 

Do Not Rub or Wash Your Face & Body Too Much 

Fastened Holi colors are notorious for sticking and staying on your face and body for days. With our previous tips, you can stay secure from damaging and synthetic colors. In case, you get hard to remove color hard on yourself, be gentle and do not rub your face or body too much to get rid of the colors. Usually, Holi colors do not contain strong dyes and get off your skin in a few days. Do not use abrasive loofahs or soaps. Once you clean your skin, moisturize it once again to reverse any damage caused by Holi colors.  

You can even watch the video on these tips

While Holi is an ecstatic affair, your skin and hair are precious too. These Holi skincare tips are sure to keep you immune from the harmful effects of synthetic, chemical-rich colors. Do let us know if you liked these tips and would like us to cover any other topic. 

A very happy and safe Holi to you and your family. 

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5 Holi Skincare Tips for Men
Holi is a festival of joy and fun. We all love Holi but the harmful colors can have an adverse effect on our skin and hair. Here are 5 Holi skincare tips for men to keep their skin protected and healthy.

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