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4 Tips to Avoid Distractions When Working Remotely


Working remotely can sometimes be counterproductive. There are so many distractions when you are working remotely, sometimes some can’t be helped, but on many occasions, you can do something about it. And if you are looking to be more productive and impress your colleagues you have to take this matter into your hands.
For some of you, time is of the essence. So you have to work overtime to make sure everything is in order. Unfortunately, what also doesn’t help are distractions. Distractions can completely derail our thoughts and make it difficult to maintain momentum and lose focus and productivity, and sometimes is just so difficult to get back on track. Therefore, avoiding distractions is crucial when working from home.
That’s why we are here to lend a hand. Here are five tips to avoid distractions when working remotely.

Put Your Phone on the Side

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Our phones are easily the biggest distractions. We are so intertwined with our phones that it’s easy to get distracted by messages, notifications, or calls. People are so obsessed with their phones that they check them 344 times per day. In terms of minutes, that’s once every four minutes, mindblowing!

You can benefit when working remotely by simply putting your phone on the side. Subsequently, you can also turn it off to eliminate distractions, but you can start by just putting it away from sight and see how that works for you.

Use a Time Management Method to Eliminate Distractions

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Time management methods are excellent strategies that achieve more than you think. Many time management methods exist to help you achieve your goal of eliminating distractions. In addition, researchers rely on these strategies to increase productivity.

So, what time management methods or strategies are out there to help you do that? Initially, you might think of to-do lists. To-do lists are one form of time management, but a to-do list is not a strategy to manage time effectively when working remotely.

Instead, you can turn your attention to the Pomodoro Technique. The technique suggests setting a timer for 25 minutes and getting as much work done as possible. After the timer ends, take a short break (10-15 minutes) and go again. Each timer ring is an interval (Pomodoro). Finish three intervals before taking a longer break (20–25 minutes).

But you might wonder, how does the Pomodoro Technique helps eliminate distractions?

Well, here is the kicker. You’re only supposed to focus on the task at hand while the timer runs down. Then, once the timer goes off, take a short break to check your phone, social media, or other distractions.

Pair the Pomodoro Technique with a to-do list to develop habits for better focus, accomplish tasks, and avoid distractions.

Find Your Own Space

You can’t fully focus on working remotely if people constantly bother you. Working on a task of this magnitude requires silence and peace of mind. Having your own space where you can be at peace and focus on the task ahead is a great way to avoid distractions around the house. Unfortunately, few of us have this luxury. So you might need to get creative. Find a room in your home and call it your “writing room.” Make sure no family members bother you while you are in your working room, and even put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

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A silent space where you can work is a great way to focus and avoid distractions. So make the necessary changes and get to work.

Take Regular Breaks

Although it might sound counterproductive, taking regular breaks is a great way to avoid distractions when working remotely. No matter how much you try to be productive, we all need breaks to cool down.

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There’s even scientific proof that taking regular breaks is beneficial for you and your work.

But how so? Taking regular breaks helps maintain work performance during the day. In addition, breaks help take the pressure of needing a long recovery after a hard day of work. This perfectly explains why the Pomodoro Technique effectively works with complex tasks. Remember that in the Pomodoro Technique, you’re supposed to take 10 to 15-minute breaks after each interval where you can check your phone or get distracted by something else.

So it might be time to convince yourself that time isn’t an issue. Moreover, convince yourself that you do have the time to take a break, even if time is short.


That concludes this guide on the five tips to avoid distractions when working remotely. With a detailed description of how to avoid distractions and what methods to use to maintain productivity, you will find a more effective way to work remotely by using this guide.

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