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3 Essential Trouser Colors For Every Man’s Wardrobe


“You gotta wear the right trousers if you’re gonna be a rock star- Chris Martin”  

Pants are the building blocks of every wardrobe. There are a few essential pairs of pants that can make your wardrobe versatile and will keep you ready for most situations. Whether it is an interview, a wedding, or an after-work party. In this video, we talk about 3 essential trousers colors that every man should have in his wardrobe. These are good to start with if you have a 9-5 job. These formal pants are easy to match and pair with and are super versatile. So, let’s start with the list

Navy Blue

Every man should have at least one navy suit and at least one pair of navy pants. They are apt for office casuals, formal meetings, and evening events. This is definitely one of the essential trouser colors for your wardrobe. While black is a popular color in Menswear, Navy blue will give you an edge over others. You can wear it with your white shirt and black shoes for a formal look but also with light brown shoes and a patterned shirt for a smart casual setting.


Grey is one of the underrated colors in menswear. It is mysterious and super versatile. Grey can add depth to your personality. It is less boring than black and much more mysterious than other colors. Grey is also suited for most skin tones and it pairs well with almost every color shirt. Grey on grey is also an amazing combination, just be sure not to overmatch things. In terms of shoe blacks and darker shades of brown is your best bet. Avoid tan or cognac because it is a clash of formality.


If you look stylish only in the cooler months, my friend you need to step up your summer style. What better color than Tan? Tan is an essential color for summer. These pants can be paired with most shades of blue. whites and earthy tones. Wear tan, dark brown, or even black shoes and you’re sorted. Tan trousers are a little less formal but they still look very well put together.

So, Gentlemen always start small while you’re starting to build your wardrobe and make sure they are versatile. These essential trouser colors will keep you covered for most situations and can upgrade your style without looking over the top. We hope you will like the video. Don’t forget to drop a like and comment with your feedback. We would appreciate it if you can subscribe to our channel and recommend it to your friends in need.

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