Style Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Style is a never-ending journey. You learn a new thing every damn day. Before you know what to do, you must definitely know what not to do. In this video we discuss 7 common style mistakes that men do and don’t even realise. 1. Wearing big and baggy clothes If you want to look sloppy, shorter and stumpy wear baggy …

3 Essential Trouser Colors For Every Man’s Wardrobe

“You gotta wear the right trousers if you’re gonna be a rock star- Chris Martin”  Pants are the building blocks of every wardrobe. There are a few essential pair of pants that can make your wardrobe versatile and will keep you ready for most situations. Weather it is an interview, wedding or an after work party. In this video we talk …

3 Ways to Wear Denim Jacket

A Denim jacket is the epitome of versatility and a must have for the cooler months. It is a piece of clothing that can be easily dressed up or down. We present you 3 ways in which you can wear a dark wash denim jacket and look dynamite. Rugged Causal Rugged and casual. A Denim Jacket has a reputation of …

5 Reasons Why Should You Dress Well

Gentlemen! Have you ever asked yourself, why should you dress well? Well, if you haven’t it’s the time to put some light on this overlooked aspect of your life. In this age where men don’t pay any attention to their appearance and don’t put any effort in dressing well. This topic becomes even more relevant.   Dressing well doesn’t necessarily means wearing a …

4 Way to Wear Tan Chinos

how to dress tan chinos

Gentlemen! I hope things are wonderful at your end and you’re having a blast. Wait!! What?? Are you still clueless about what to wear at most situations? Well, don’t worry, Men n’ more is always at your disposal. Our aim is to solve all your style queries. In order to always look your best, you don’t need to have a gigantic wardrobe with expensive …

How to tie a Bow-Tie


I am super pumped. We’ve got an amazing partner and they rock so hard. I used to drool too look at their site and finally they agreed to be a part of Men n’ more. I am talking about TieKart a brand that is here to stay and change the dynamics of Indian market in terms of Men’s Accessories.

So, I partnered with them and created this Kickass video . In this video I show you the easiest way to Tie a Bow-tie. Now a Bow-Tie is an unusual but amazing accessory and it takes a lot of guts to pull it off. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t know how to tie a Bow-Tie and settle for the mediocre pre-tied bow tie that looks childish. Worry no more just sit back and relax and watch this video and never wear those hideous pre-tied Bow-Ties.

The world is way more than Bow-ties. I mean we need accessories for all the occasions and what better place then TieKart to buy ’em. Get amazing ties, pocket square, suspenders , hats….woaah I am running out of breath.

One really amazing news we have a special discount code for you guys, just enter MNM10 at checkout and get flat 10% off on your order. Amazing! isn’t it.

Guys up your style game instantly with these accessories and save a lot of cash too.

How to wear a pair of Joggers in 3 different ways

Thank you Bewakoof for supporting this article- Brothers!! Dressing sharp is not just about formals or dress outfits. Yes you can look good in a well-fitting suit or a sports coat with an amazing pair of pants but you can look elegant and super stylish in any casual outfit too. I believe that joggers, hoodies or any casual wear for …