5 Basic Hygiene Tips for Men

We pay a lot of attention on our clothes and appearance but our basic hygiene is often overlooked. If you are paying attention to your basic hygiene, we respect you. But in case, it is being overlooked for any good reason here are 5 tips to keep your personal hygiene on point. These 5 tips are essential and you can …

Affordable Summer Fragrance Every Man Should Own : Nike Up or Down

Hello Gentlemen! I hope you’re enjoying the summer with your updated wardrobe and shoe closet. Well, it’s time you update your fragrance too. Time to bid adieu to those amazing, mysterious, woody and dark fragrances and move towards fresh, lingering scents. Summer scents are made to beat the heat in mind. They are fresh, citrusy (sometimes fruity too) and have the elements …

How to keep your beard soft


This video is dedicated to the men who love their beard. And if you’re tired of using a lot of crappy beard products, we’ve got you covered. Presenting Himalaya Men Beard and Face wash. Enriched with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera & Coconut Water this is the only product that should touch your super alpha beard. I have put this to a test and this product is a rock star. Without being over dramatic this beard wash has gotten rid of my itch and  roughness and my beard felt super soft and smooth. As this is a face cleanser too this will keep your face oil free and still retain the moisture, making your skin soft supple and glowing.

It has light lingering fragrance to it. The face-wash produces loads of lather without really making your face soapy. The price also is very affordable, for Rs.150 it’s a steal.

This beard wash is going to last you close to 2-3 weeks and just a pea size amount can give you full coverage.

So, what are you waiting for, get your hands on this amazing product and give those amazing whiskers a much required nourishment.

The Perfect Winter Cologne for Men: Titan Skinn Steele

Hey Gentlemen!!! Finally, at last, after waiting for 7 months of scorching summers. My favorite weather is back. “The Winters”. It is the best time of the year for men’s fashion. You can wear your favourite boots, those amazing and warm sweaters, sip your favorite tea or bourbon and stay stylish. Okay! Enough about WINTER WEAR and BOOTS, what about …