How Your First Day at the Gym Should Be Like?

It takes a lot of determination, willpower, and effort to decide whether you want to step into the gym or not. Days pass by and sometimes even months until you finally muster up the courage to step your feet in the iron paradise. On the first day at the gym, you will see yourself being nervous. You will be intimidated …

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Cold Showers

‘If you think you have a big comfort zone, try taking a cold shower.’ Winters have finally arrived and so is the horror of taking showers. Taking a shower regularly is not just essential but also a healthy habit. If you want to double the benefits of showers, switch to cold showers. I know I will get a lot of …

5 Vegetarian Muscle Building Foods

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements” – Jim Rohn . Vegetarian muscle building foods, do they exist? Haters are going to say “no” but we say “hell yes!” You don’t have to be non-vegetarian or someone who drinks egg white shakes 5 times a day to put on an appreciable amount of muscle on your body. The plant world …

Gym Etiquette: How to be a Gentleman in the Gym?

While the gym is a place where you let yourself loose and incarnate yourself into a beast, there are certain etiquettes you must stick with in order to keep yourself disciplined. Etiquettes are an important weapon in a man’s arsenal. They create an identity for a man and people look up to him with respect. He becomes an inspiration to others …

5 Overrated Muscle Building Supplements You Should Avoid

The key to an aesthetically pleasing physique is consistent training, nutritious diet and some proven supplements that give you a minor edge over others. If your training and diet are not on point, no matter what supplements you take, you won’t be reaching your physique goals. As a fitness enthusiast, you might already know that supplements help you grow but …

Testosterone Levels Myths and Facts

Testosterone! The hormone that turns boys into men and men into rascals. Everyone has different perceptions about testosterone levels and there is always an ongoing debate about the myths and facts about it. Maintaining healthy testosterone is essential and there are many ways that you can use to improve your T levels. Some methods include working out, eating a balanced …

Instant Benefits of Working Out!

Times have changed where life has become less active and more sedentary. We were not designed to live and serve a sedentary life. A sedentary lifestyle carries along with it a host of new problems that can take months and sometimes even years to resolve. This is why the need for physical workout or working out has become paramount. In …

Why Should You Meditate and how to start

Gentlemen! So, I wasn’t in my right senses to create content for you and I know a lot of you missed new stuff on the space. I was going through many downs and fewer ups and this completely messed up with my routine. I started waking up late and doing almost everything spontaneously. The biggest reason of this huge change …

What to wear while working out

Hey Gentlemen!!!

It’s been a while we haven’t talked about fitness. So, tis’ the time. In this video I talk about the importance of right clothing while working out. Well, just like any other occasion dressing right for working out is very important and how it can improve your game. Also, in the video I put to the test a very amazing brand Chromozome. After leaving their mark in the lounge wear industry. They have launched their very first sports range which is performance enhancing and looks super amazing.

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