5 Basic Hygiene Tips for Men

We pay a lot of attention on our clothes and appearance but our basic hygiene is often overlooked. If you are paying attention to your basic hygiene, we respect you. But in case, it is being overlooked for any good reason here are 5 tips to keep your personal hygiene on point. These 5 tips are essential and you can follow them without much hassle.

Oral hygiene

This is a no brainer, you should brush your teeth every day. We hope you’re already doing that but to step up your oral hygiene, you should brush twice a day and visit your dentist every six months. Apart from this using a mouth wash is also a good idea. Bad breath is the biggest turn off for everyone, make sure people enjoy while you talk, rather than covering their nose.


No matter how strong or pleasant your perfume is. If, you’re not taking showers regularly you will stink. Though we advocate to take a shower every day at least once but if you can’t bath daily, make sure to do it at least every alternate day. To get more health benefits from your daily showers switch to cold shower. To know the benefits of cold showers, visit this link http://bit.ly/2RF1Beg. Regular showers can clean your skin and wash all the dirt and allergens trapped on it.

Beard Maintenance

Growing a beard is manly and it looks sexy too but with great beard comes great responsibility. You have to keep your beard tidy and well-maintained. You want to look manly but not homeless. So, trim your beard regularly and define the edges by wet shave. If you have a well-groomed beard, you’re going to grab a lot of eyeballs.


If you thing body hair removal is feminine, you are wrong. It is a very healthy practice and you should trim your body hair regularly. Over time your body hair trap dirt, sweat and many impurities. This may result in body odor or other skin issues. To keep your skin healthy and clean, it is necessary to have a manscaping regime.

Use a deodorant

Body odor is often due to many external issues, pollution and heat are few of them. We cannot control the heat or the pollution but we can control our body odor. One simple fix to this problem is using a deodorant after your shower. This will not just mask your body odor but also prevent excessive sweating. You stay hygienic all day long.

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