Old’s Cool – A Modern Take On Retro Casual Styles

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Vintage styles are back with a bang. Specifically in men’s fashion industry. The old school brogues, no break or cropped pants, stylish hat and many vintage pieces are making their way to The Modern Man’s closet. You can see a lot of men rocking these amazing retro styles all across the globe. So, I decided to recreate a retro outfit but with a modern twist. Wearing vintage inspired clothes from top to bottom may look unusual but if layers and paired well you can make headlines. So, if you want to impress that spicy senorita or the love of your life go old school.

Classy Casual

Here I have recreated a cool summer casual look with subtle colors and solid pieces of clothes. I have paired a fitted white V-neck with super dark wash denim. To give it a retro appeal I have added suspenders and a Newsboy hat.

A well fitted white V-neck T-shirt the most versatile shirt in any man’s closet. It is simple, clean and timeless. You can pair it with almost anything and look amazing. I have chosen this as a base layer because it gives this outfit a clean yet crisp appeal.  If you are accessorizing your outfit make sure the base is clean and solid.

Carefree Yet Stylish

Dark denims are your best friends in terms of classy bottom wear. I am wearing slim fit black denim, these look amazing on everyone and make the legs slimmer and you automatically look taller.


Suspenders were men’s wardrobe staple in the 50s and 60s; they almost seem non-existing nowadays. However, some fashion-forward men and stage performers can still be seen rocking this amazing accessory.  So, if you want to stand out of the crowd, add suspenders to your outfits and let the world see your awesomeness.

Suspender Suave

Hats, in my opinion are the most important accessory for every man, if you can master the art of hat wearing, you my friend are never looking shabby or going out of style. A simple outfit can be elevated instantly if you add the right hat to your closet. In this particular outfit, I am wearing a brown newsboy; it gives you a very youthful and boyish appeal. So if you are looking for a hat that is versatile but not too fancy. This is the best option for you. This hat can be dressed up and down as per your preference.

The Hat trick

Adding classy Shoes automatically adds elegance to your overall appearance. It is said that a man is perceived by the shoes he wears.So having an amazing pair is shoes is a must for every man.  Classic shoe styles never go out and they look elegant, regardless of trends and fashion. I have paired brown brogues to this outfit to make it more classy and refined. This outfit has a very old boy casual appeal to it; this can be a good outfit if you want to go out with your friends or with your girlfriend.

Bravo Brougues

This is my take on a retro outfit with a modern twist. Please do comment and tell me your views on Vintage styles for men. Also, please spread some love by liking our page on Facebook and following us on Instagram and let’s make this world a stylish place.



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